Tuesday, 31 August 2010

To Coral Bay we shall go...

After a bloody good knees up watching a touring band called 'The Sneaky Weasel Club' last Wednesday it was mentioned that they were playing in Coral Bay the following night, which is an hour or so South of Exmouth, so after discussing some finer points with the band and a little convincing from Finny (in the red checker shirt) and Nick (in the black jumper), it was decided we were off to Coral bay. Not much convincing i might add something along the lines of;

'Hey Lloyd, fancy going to Coral Bay to get smashed tomorrow, this band are playing again'
'Yeh lets tear up Coral Bay, it'll be funny as fuck'
'Well I have lots on, i mean i could reschedule my hair appointment but i'm not sure about the Lloyds gay time and his manicure, he needs a good rest after a big bender nowwa days, i'll see what i can do, i'll keep you posted, ok.'

Ok, ok. I lied i didn't say any of that. In fact I just looked them dead in the eye drooled a bit and slurred...
'Fuck yeh, hows we gettin there, cause i'm way to pissed to drive straight and for that long without hurting someone!'

So it was arranged i convinced Dan to join us and our good friend Karen and that was it an adventure in Coral Bay was set in stone, although it was agreed that i shouldn't drive.

It turned out to be a night full of mystery and weirdos and weirdness, mainly weirdos meaning mainly us lot. Myself, Dan and Karen rocked up about 6 with Nick and Finny already on it and causing trouble in the local backpackers, it didn't take us long to join in. We met some fellow numbskulls and proceeded to the local pub.

Coral Bays local pub is revered all over WA, not because of it's idilic surroundings, amazing location or it's somewhat mishap characteristics but for one thing and one thing only. It's the only bar outside of Perth where you can buy shots! I'm not kidding people drive for hours to come here to get smashed on Yager Bombs, Titty Twisters and just good old fashioned Sambuca!

After lots of said shots some serious dancing was to be had on the somewhat small dancing area when the band kicked off, don't worry it conveniently had a pole in the middle so Monga managed to impress everyone with his amazing pole dancing/strip tease dance moves, i'm not sure if when drunk i've been to to many strip joints or i've worked at them, either way, I know how to work the pole!

Monga also tried to explain the Cock or Balls game to anyone who would listen, most of you won't of heard of it, it's a game I use to get the night going and to make people relax and feel at ease with one another. Basically you pull out either your cock or your balls whilst trying to mask its true appearance and get people to guess 'Cock or Balls?' easy really, but, heed my warning, it can go wrong.

And unfortunately for Finny, it did. He just didn't get it and Nick was almost there but the game somehow got lost in translation and ended up with both of them dropping their trousers and walking around shouting 'COCK OR BALLS, COCK OR BALLS?!'.

Although highly amusing and impressively confident it didn't go down the storm it was meant to, Finny even argued with the Management that it was a legitimate game and that it would be unfair to punish him for it, he was saying this whilst Dan was doing his trousers up for him, there's a photo of it in the slideshow and below it I had to blur out the offending implement as i'm not sure Finny would want it blasted over the net, anyway all be it a feeble excuse when there's 70 angry parents and other patrons weighed out by the 20 or so that did find it very funny. But give him his due he pulled it off and didn't get the boot.

It all gets a little blurry after that but it was one messy and hilariously funny night, it just proves that no matter where you are in the World like minded amazing people are always there to hangout and cause a scene with, cheers to everyone that laughed with us and the same to some of you that laughed at us!