Thursday, 18 February 2010

The mighty Twilight and me!

I am sat at home on a Thursday night, it's 19:34, i have had a hectic day of puppy sitting for the parents from 4am and surfing a nice little secret spot at 3/4ft and heavy but hellish cold, so i'm pretty tired. After a plate of chicken breast and steamed vegetables, cause I can be healthy sometimes, i've opted for a night in, a night where i ignore then phone, i ignore everything around me except my immediate occupied space, i've got Lord of the Rings playing on my lap top and i'm very comfy in bed, the phone is relentless it just keeps on at it, ringing for high heaven, i've already spoken to a few people and they know i'm staying in, but what i hadn't counted on is the persistence of Matt Orchard.

Once a grom of mine with bow legs and short stupid hair cut and a gormless but none the less handsome look on his face, he is now a full fledge man with pubs and everything, plus no more bow legs, he is surely going to be the death of me.

The dogs bark all hell brakes loose, the puppies are up and barking, Mothers screaming, Fathers drunk on two glasses of wine so he doesn't care. I know that this visit is for me and i know why and i know who. It is no doubt Mr Orchard after one thing, a wing man!

It is Thursday after all. What else happens in West Kernow on a Thursday. A night that to be honest I haven't frequented for about 3 years due to having a girlfriend, a house, a job, bills to pay, a sense of respect, now thats all gone, it is time for Twilight and Mr Orchard knows this. He knows that I have nothing else to do, he knows that i am at home and doing something very lame.

I know what he is thinking because for years I have been doing the same, turning up at mates houses, mates who have children, are married they have the house, they have the bills and all the stress that comes with it, things that i never really let bother me, i would turn up and demand a wing man, sometimes this would backfire and a night alone was the best i could muster, but not tonight, Mr Orchard has found a willing companion!

I have been going to the Twilight Zone for 12 years (bar the 3 years time out, although i did sneak the odd night in here and there). Thats a long time, i am now 29, i remember Twilight when there was a fireman's pole in the middle of the top bar, sorely missed i may add. My point being that although i am 29 i am still there, i am there because it is fun, yes i get laughed at and people think it is probably about time i grow up and settle down but although those ideals may seem great to some they don't appeal to me. I am Mongalloyd after all and if anything I now realise more than ever where my place is in this World, it is next to my mate at the bar of some creepy, smelly, hell hole, where we both belong and are as happy as pigs in shit!

Roll on the next 12 years, Twilight for ever!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

oz bound!

i've been getting some right stick over the last few weeks from the boys, all of which feel that my ideas of journeying around the globe to Australia and other countries was all talk and that seeing as I hadn't purchased a ticket i was merely going through a mid -life crises in which i would crawl back to my old employees and beg for my job back once i realised i was a Kernow bound fool and a life of pasty's, cold windy surf and girls who believe unequivocally that they are the hottest girl to walk the face of the Earth was for me . Well, stick this in your pipe and smoke it me boys!

My tickets are booked and paid for. I fly out of the UK on the 8th March to meet up with Dan Waite in Perth and to began what I can only imagine to be a whirlwind of stupid antics, copious amounts of alcohol, silly decisions and some very funny situations that may not seem so funny at the time. Bring it on!!!

Also i know this is very geeky and i don't really care as i love flying, but my flight form Heathrow to Singapore is on the new AirBus A380, if you don't know what that is, it's the biggest commercial plane ever built. I'm well bloody excited, i'm going to take a pair of trainers so i can go for a jog up and down the isle's, just to freak people out. I might even try to play hide and seek with the air stewardesses, but i doubt they will like that.

my brother, louis

i have a brother
not much like any other
he drinks and farts
and plays silly tarts

he makes big scenes
and sometimes he isn't very clean

he causes trouble
and is very good at bursting my bubble

he's noisy when he eats
and snores when he sleeps

but don't let me put you off as there are two sides to this sheet

he's fun and a right laugh too
and he'll never make you feel the slightest bit blue
also a big part of the great Boss Praa Crew
he'll always see you through

always full of charm
he never does anyone any harm

he's my brother
and i love him like no other

Liquid Louis is one in a million
if you don't know him, you will when you see him

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


whilst in Ireland last year for a week or so I had the pleasure of meeting a nice man called Anthony Walsh, a pretty damn good surfer and all round nice guy from Oz. Unfortunately for him whilst he was out in Ireland he was stuck hanging out with me as Mickey and Ferg were busy sorting bits and bobs out as they had only just got back from Tahiti and a few other places. We cruised around and checked out the Ire for what it is and it was very romantic and nice with nice walks on the cliffs and hanging with mates.

The point to this is I just wanted to say a hearty congrats to Walshy for coming second in the Volcom Pipeline Pro. Well done me old bean.

Click on day 4 and then on the finals below. He also had a screaming semi final with some pretty impressive shacks, which is also worth a look.