Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Feral Fery

Feral Fery started life a little bit rough
His climb up through Mummies rough just wasn't enough
His way was to be harder than most
A speeding juggernaut with no time to stop
Put an end to his Mummies clock

Hero EJ was on hand
She set him free
And with her merry band
Began the journey of helping young Fery stand

All be it in reasonable health
Young Fery was in no state to look after himself

The vets was the only option
No potions, lotions or magical concoction
Just a good feed a caring adoption

Now Feral Fery is in safe hands
One day he will grow and begin to stand
At first a hop and then a bound
He will be up up up and around

Written by Lloyd Burnard

Not much to do with the story but i thought i looked good with fake pigs ears