Thursday, 28 January 2010

and i was gonna join the gym!

My mate Rory just brought this to my attention and all i can say is, 'Bring on the KFC's and full fat foodage! Fuck getting fit!'

If he can do it, so can i!

Leg - End!

when viagra goes wrong, believe me it does!

Back in September last year, myself plus a couple of like minded crazy's set up Oceandaze a unique Surf and Music Festival in Sennon, Cornwall. The event was an amazing success and was enjoyed by everyone who joined us.

To cut a long story short as to to why I've put this on MongaMouth, as I handed out the awards for the surf competition on the Saturday with the assistance of Cornish Models Charlotte Thompson and Alice Vandy, I was heckled to tell one of my tales and this one popped up in my mind, it's off the cuff so it aint perfect. I'm not sure the girls knew what they had let themselves in for!

rabies and me

Well as per usual i've only made it harder for myself! I was planning to be leaving for Indonesia around the 8th/10th February then heading on to meet Dog Shit Dan in Perth around the 11th March. But after having a chat with the Nurse at my Doctors Surgery she's advised me that if I do go Indo, even if not in Feb then at some point it would be advisable to have a Rabies Vaccination, the problem being you need three doses over 21 days!

I would normally not bother with it but I really don't know where I'm going to end up over the next year or so. So i've made the decision to be prepared because after all if anything is to go wrong it is bound to go wrong with me involved! I would suspect at some point whilst on a high after a good surf session or just a nice day, i'll get carried away and drink myself into some kind of Monkey Wrestling Mania and end up with Rabies after a good raping from a big asse Monkey!

Better to be safe than sorry, i suppose. Don't worry I'm still heading to West Oz in March and no doubt I'll end up filling February with some random craziness before I go!

Indo unfortunately will have to wait till April or May.


A few years back now, myself and a few friends embarked on three day bender that left some of us, mainly me, in a bit of a state and gagging for attention.

This little preview was filmed by good friend and fellow party mash up, Rohan Inglis. You may also see a few other Praa Boys in the background, namely Flea, Dog Shit Dan and Ciar.

If you believe me, at one point we were all dressed up wearing Flea and Ciars mums clothes including corsets and dresses but I was the only one who decided that i liked mine better than my other clothes and spent the day smashing up West Cornwall in em! Enjoy!

mongas new toys!

I've treated myself recently, i probably shouldn't have as it turned out to be more expensive than i predicted, well whats the point in having money if you don't spend it, eh!

I've gone and bought a Canon HF20 along with it's amazing little water buddy the waterproof housing WP-V1.

There is a reason for buying this lot, as I'm off on my adventures soon I thought it only fair to not only highlight you with words and pictures but go one step better and give you visual versions of the goings on. Hopefully they will make you laugh, cry and no doubt at some point make you feel slightly sick and ashamed of knowing me!

Friday, 22 January 2010

ozzy visa

I've been told that to get an Australian Works Visa can be a load of hassle and it could take weeks to process, well not if your name is Mongalloyd!

Within 5 hours of applying I got a confirmation email to say that I have been accepted and all I have to do is rock up and carry on. It's almost like the Australian powers to be have had my name down from day one on the fast track system.

I can see it now men in high powered suits sat thousands of miles away in front of a huge executive conference table discussing the days goings on with their Superior, when out of nowhere runs in a lonesome, but slightly handsome office clerk, called Gregory, screaming at the top of his voice,

"He's applied, he's applied Sir, Sir he's applied!"

To which his superior states
"My, my Gregory, who do you mean!"

Barely able to control himself Gregory replies at fast pace and in a slightly high pitched squeal,

"Mongalloyd Sir, Mongalloyd is coming Sir, to Australia Sir, by the tuff of a Kangaroos beard, on my shift, he applies, on my shift! I can't wait to tell my Wife Sir, she's a huge fan!"

"Calm yourself Gregory, if this is true then I want you to fast track his application straight away!"

Gregory turns to leave before his superior shouts,

"Oh Gregory, don't forget to delete Monga's discrepancies from his record, will you, we wouldn't want some low life Customs Officer thinking he's in charge of the great Monga's destiny."

Here I come Oz, are you ready?

hello people of the world!

How are you all?

I've set this blog up to share my experiences and let you know what's going on in my life. I know my life is no more important than the next persons but I like to think I offer something a little different. If you've ever met me then you know what I'm on about.

There is another reason for why I have set this up, the main reason actually. I am off on an adventure next month, plans are still being finalized but knowing me, all sorts will go wrong and some choice moments will happen that I feel you lot would appreciate.

I'll keep you posted on the goings on.

In the meantime, over the next couple of days I am going to upload one of my recent adventures to Ireland last September to see some of my closets mates Mickey and Riv plus a load more usual suspects. Believe me it's worth a read.

Take it easy everyone. xxx