Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Things, they are a changing...

Well i no longer work at the IGA in Exmouth, I have instead progressed to Pizza Delivery boy for the local restaurant. It was my decision as i wanted my days back. I came to Australia to Surf and experience life and unfortunately even with a good wage under your belt it's easy enough to miss everything if your working everyday, so i called it off and now i only work 1800 - 2100, i know only three hours a day but i don't care. i'll just eat pasta and try to lower the alcohol intake! I've also moved out of Ponda Rosa, i was offered a caravan next to the house where good friends Little Scotty and Jake (MC Usher) live, so it's been a funny few weeks! I'm very comfy here and surprisingly the caravan doesn't scare girls away as much as they do back home.

I'll get some photos up soon.

I've also had a few other opportunities arise. Good friends and fellow maniacs Mickey, Ferg and Lowey have offered to lend me their beloved Land Cruiser, which is in storage in Perth, till they return next year. So at some point I am heading down to pick it up and get it ready for a good old Monga adventure popping in and seeing some good friends along the way.

I also spoke to my amazing and absolutely legend of a best mate, Nat, yesterday he is touring Australia with a band called the Light in September/October and he's asked if i would like to join them, he has to clear it with the rest of the boys so hopefully i'll be in there like swim wear! Imagine Monga on tour, i need to get in some serious drinking time beforehand if i'm going to survive!, cause i know how Nat party's it's strong, fast and never ending! Bring it on!

I'll keep you posted on more goings on soon, there's several new posts just below this one if you fancy a look.

Take it easy my friends. x