Saturday, 14 August 2010

Biff Bosh Bash...

The local break here, Dunes, was pumping yesterday a bit windy but 6ft sets and clean. I surfed first thing in the Morning and being the first in the water is always exciting and i got a little carried away, as i was making my way in i wasn't paying proper attention to how the reef had changed over the last couple of days. What sand there is has shifted over the last few days, and unearthed a nasty ledge i haven't seen before.

Well unfortunately i went plowing into it toe first, creating a rather fetching slice right down the middle of my big toe. Annoyed but unperturbed i carried on and surfed for a good 3 hours whilst a good amount of blood flowed into the Indian Ocean and no doubt attracted some men in grey suits. I did see a couple of fins but i don't think i have the right blood type for sharks anyway.

I know it's only a small slice but it's hell deep and i feel a good job was done indeed. Once home i scrubbed it with limes and give it a good clean, i filmed the scrubbing bit as i thought this might entertain some of you and disturb the rest, it stung like a bitch!

Cleaning products

Before scrubbing

After scrubbing

Thats a bit better