Thursday, 21 April 2011

Kernow adventures

There are a few things i have missed about Cornwall, one being the randomness of home!

The last week and a half has seen some of the best run of North coast swell i've seen for years, this resulted in myself, Rohan and Little Andy spending many hours driving around and surfing some of the best spots.

Whilst heading to a secluded spot we drove past a pile of toys on the side of the road, Rohan slammed on the brakes and what we found was some unwanted toys going for 20 pence a piece, bargain!

Cornwall is most definitely one unique place!

20 pence, what a bargain!

Our selection!

Rohan got a nice book about a little girl who
discovers Karma

Andy got a nice guitar! What a beauty, the guitar as well!

I treated myself to a Mickey Mouse keyring and a pack of
Super Heroe top trumps! Look how excited I am!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Bubbles and I and our day of destiny

Today was a good day for swell on the North coast of Cornwall but a bad day for my 6'4'' x 19'' x 2 3/8'' surfboard nicknamed, due to me getting drunk and drawing bubbles all over her deck, Bubbles.

Although I try to make a point of riding Leven surfboards, as they are the best I have ever ridden, I do have a few boards that I have purchased secondhand. I bought Bubbles about 3 years ago off of eBay for the bargain price of £150.

Her (I name her a her because it seems weird to imagine oneself riding a male surfboard), previous owner was a nice man from Bristol who with more money than sense, had bought her to go on holiday to the Canary Islands. He had only surfed Bubbles twice whilst away and on they're return his wife had put her foot down, telling him that the board goes or she does, lucky for me he chose the board, although his wife was very pretty and although I offered him the £150 for her, he declined, she did look a little to high maintenance to be honest.

I was very impressed with my purchase and myself and Bubbles have travelled together since. We've surfed together in Ireland, France, Fuerteventura and all over Cornwall and Wales many times. I have grown to learn Bubbles unique style and have grown fond of surfing with her, as with Humans boards can be just as individual, but today was to much for my mate Bubbles.

Myself and Ian Ridge paddled out at a certain spot somewhere on the North Coast of Cornwall at a very low tide. It was a bit windy but there were lines stacked to the horizon, it looked like a classic session with the added bonus that there was no one in and it looked solid.

After an hour or so in we had both scored some fun waves with the occasional barrel thrown in for good measure, all was going swimmingly until for about twenty minutes the tide turned and rips appeared everywhere, not necessarily a bad thing at this certain spot as it holds up the face a little longer for you to make it around sections or pull in.

As i paddled into position for the first wave of a set the rip went full steam and the face of the wave jumped, i dropped into the pocket getting a nice cover up instantly and stayed in a good position for what felt like a few seconds until the wave broke past the rip and raced ahead of me with no chance of pumping through the section, what followed was an almighty shut down and kicking.

When i finally surfaced I knew the board was snapped beyond repair, as i looked at Bubbles her nose was a full ninety degrees to her deck but before i had chance to grab her and check it out, I had the second set wave bearing down on me and with no chance to grab Bubbles, i hit the deck. When i surfaced from another good shoeing I grabbed what was left of Bubbles and made my way in looking for the other half.

Once in I said my farewells and collected the pieces and made my way back to the car, all be it amped for a good session I was a little disheartened that my good friend Bubbles had met her match.

Bubbles and I at Lev a few days ago
Bubbles and I on home turf, high tide Praa Sands 2009

Sorry old bean... will be missed.


Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Olive Sea Snake

Wikipedia describes Olive Sea Snakes or Aipysurus Laevis, to use they're latin name, as

'One of the Sea Snakes in the species that are reported to be the most aggressive and the most venomous'

Well i don't know where they got they're facts from but myself and Aaron found them to be pretty inquisitive and cool. Although they have a mighty punch with they're venom, I think it would take a lot to upset the good old Sea Snake.

But don't take my word for it, see for yourself.