Monday, 27 September 2010

One day in heaven...

Just a few photos of the other day in Exmouth,it was a bit of late start to the beach as it was pushing 37 degrees and i had to physically drag myself out of my nice aircon cooled house but once I was there it was worth it. I found shade under the Jetty at a nice beach called Bundegi and just chilled out. That night brought an amazing full moon as well, this place is truly beautiful.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


I set up this blog so i could share with you some of the highlights of my life, but I realise that sometimes even when the days are bright and the water clear the fog can set in at anytime and it's easy for anyone to lose their way.

This last week or so has been one of trials and retribution for me, with old ghosts reawakening to haunt me and a concession of events that would test my ability to keep on smiling and stay positive throughout, but as i say, everything happens for a reason... right?.

Things took a turn for the strange last week and just kept getting worse finally ending with the demise of my good friend and rock, Charlie, my beloved 4x4. I was driving down the beach when she decided enough was enough and shot a piston through her engine head, committing suicide and leaving me stranded. I wasn't upset, i wasn't annoyed, i wasn't distraught mainly because of those many events happening for days prior had sent me battling the ghosts and dark emotions from my past that i had tucked away inside and it wasn't a surprise that one of the things i hold dear out here would perish, I just shrugged my shoulders and muttered 'That figures, they all leave in the end.'

I was in a place were I was in a mess but i knew that i could make it better, I just needed to snap out of it.

After a few drinks the following night i decided to phone one of my best friends, Mickey. Mickey and I have had many colourful adventures in our years messing around and discovering life as we both tried to turn into men. He has always had my back and has helped me through some very hard times, with his amazing take on life and his ability to see beauty at every turn he has always been an inspiration for me. That night we talked about many things how he is doing and how i was doing, old adventures, how much we missed each other and couldn't wait to hangout sometime soon. Before we knew it we were both in fits of laughter as if we were stood next to each other enjoying each others company our bond being that strong that no matter what our situations are, we can still laugh with each other. Mickey has had a rough time recently and i think about him everyday wishing i could be there for him and i think that that night we both helped each other, our laughter made me realise that life will throw you bad situations, it's not how they happened or why, it's how we decide to deal with them and remain ourselves.

I made a decision that i was not only going to put the previous week behind me I was finally, after a year of hiding and denial, going to face up to the emotions and turmoil that has haunted me at every turn since August last year.

After speaking to Mickey that night, the following few days seemed lighter as if i had come to turns with the previous week and was turning a new page, I hung out with good friends, made some future plans, caught up on some work, spoke to my parents, whom i miss very much and i made time to appreciate the place i am in right now. I managed to score a good surf it was a swell like i haven't seen up here before and it reminded me of home. 6-8ft, pumping, heavy, fast, waves with weight and big drops all on my own just me with no one and nothing else. The kind of waves that make you concentrate and that nothing no matter how important or messed up it is can touch you whilst you are out there. It was just what i needed and whilst i sat there between sets negotiating the rips I felt like it had been sent for me.

The last couple of days have seemed like this is it, this is my new life, my new beginning this is what i want. My previous life, my previous years no matter how they ended or how they panned out has set me up for what is to come and i am ready.

I have had times in my life where i have felt that i could lose control, that i might be going to far but i have also had my bastion, my Friends and Family who have supported me when i have needed it and I have always had the ability to keep smiling and stay positive when all around negativity tries to creep in.

I have always strived to live life to the max and turning 30 this November and all that has happened is not going to stop that. I will still swim with Sharks, make my Mum cringe, help people to laugh, surf heavy waves and chase girls out of my league because that is me, that is Lloyd Burnard and everything happens for a reason.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Some days...

I just managed to grab some footage of two of the smaller sessions out here last week, i scored it pretty good but on the pumping days you'll be hard pushed to find anyone to sit in the channel and film when it's 6ft and clean, so although nothing spectacular these two sessions were a lot of fun just hanging with good people all just enjoying life and amped about being out there.

Some days... from lloyd burnard on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Mongalloyd, you God among men, you may STAY!

Well, i was slightly surprised when i was accepted by the Commonwealth of Australia for my first years working holiday visa, now i'm absolutely flabbergasted that they have only gone and extended it, thats right i've been accepted to stay for another year!

I can see it now the same men in high powered suits that accepted my first years visa sat hundreds of miles away in front of a huge executive conference table discussing the days goings on with their Superior, when out of nowhere runs in a lonesome, but slightly handsome office clerk, called Gregory (the same one who was delighted at my first application), screaming at the top of his voice,

"He's applied, he's applied Sir, Sir he's applied!"

To which his superior states
"My, my Gregory, who do you mean!"

Barely able to control himself Gregory replies at fast pace and in a slightly high pitched squeal,

"Mongalloyd Sir, Mongalloyd wants to stay Sir, in Australia Sir, by the tuff of a Kangaroos ball sack Sir, on my shift, he applies for an extension, an extension on my shift! I can't wait to tell my Wife Sir, she's a huge fan! She's followed him religiously since he set up his Blog, he's had such amazing adventures Sir!"

"Calm yourself Gregory, yes, yes I too have been following his Blog he is surely a God among Men. If this is true, Gregory then I want you to approve his application straight away, don't fanny about now Gregory we can't have him getting upset and thinking we don't care about him!"

Gregory nodding enthusiastically turns to leave before his superior shouts,

"Oh Gregory, don't forget to make sure that you've deleted Monga's discrepancies from his record, will you, we wouldn't want some low life Customs Officer or Police Officer thinking they're in charge of the great Monga's destiny, we want him to stay and feel welcome and comfortable here, if he says one bad thing about us it could be the downfall of our society!"

At this last statement and as Gregory shuts the door, all the Men around the table nod, chin down eyes up, with a mixture of fear and excitement etched on their faces showing they understand what could happen and all trying to contemplate the possibilities should they meet Mongalloyd in the flesh.

Here I am Oz, can you handle another 18 Months of it?

Saturday, 11 September 2010

To much surfing & More WA Landscapes

It's been an eventful few days. The surf has showed me the potential of some of the spots up here that i've surfed on good days but i've only ever heard tales and fables of how good they can really get, well now i've seen it and i have been inspired, truly amazing.

Over the last few days i've surfed so hard that i've been sick twice, burnt my face to asunder, let the most beautiful waves pass me by just for a breather, given myself a sore mouth just from smiling, cheering and laughing so much and nearly lost my mind as the total of the sickest waves forever increased with each one getting better and better.

I'm having a day off today i reckon, there's still swell but i'm a broken man, never thought i would say that!

But It's given me time to have a play around with some shots i took last week, i hope you like them.


Wet Gold Mk 2

South Mandu

Song Bird

Open Water

West Coast

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Catching some Rays...

Just hanging out with my man Ray, he even let me stroke him, what a cool dude!

Catching some Rays from lloyd burnard on Vimeo.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

WA Landscapes

Here's a few landscape shots i've taken recently. I hope you like them.

The Range

Sandy Bay

Mangrove Bay

West Side Horses


Saturday, 4 September 2010

Moons got crabs!

After our little peep show with the Turtles, previous post, we found a whole dead sand crab that looked in good condition on the beach. Katy picked it up and was intrigued by it, in the similar way a dog is intrigued by a sand covered tennis ball. She was staring at it with a blank expression on her face tilting her head from side to side, it was as if she was trying to decide what to do with it, i could only imagine the possibilities running through her mind.

But before she could decide on her own, Dan who must have also noticed the conundrum Katy had found herself in blurted out 'Put it in your mouth!'. Suddenly it was as if someone had turned on the light, Katy now realised that that was exactly what she was meant to do with it and after a few moments of figuring out how, she went for it, it took her a few attempts to work out whether or not to put it in bum first or claws first. All of these mind grabbing moments and not once did she think 'Why would I put that in my mouth?'.

Once it was firmly grasped between her lips, like that drooling happy dog grinning at fitting the whole sand covered ball in its mouth she looked elated for a few seconds happy with her achievement. I think it was then that Katy realised what she was doing and promptly spat it, i still can't believe the simple nature of that fair child Katy Moon, definitely one of my highlights for that day, thank you.

Turtle love

Whilst bathing in the Sun yesterday with Katy and Dan, Dan noticed something rather odd happening a little further down the beach. It turned out to be three Turtles getting busy, we waded out and stood right next to them and perved at this amazingly strrange courtship, to be honest it wasn't as beautiful as it sounds, it was a full on gang rape. The two Males were harassing the poor Female with one underneath to push her up and the other on top, they even swapped over so they could both get their end away. I had heard that when turtles mate it's pretty brutal but it had to be seen to be believed.

I swear at one point the Female looked at us and you could see it in her eyes that she wanted help and in any other circumstances i would have dived right in to help a maiden in distress but i was to busy filming the whole sordid affair to split them up, plus i think some eco warriors would be upset about that i've probably gained a hate squad for what i did to the humpback.

Unfortunately i only had my stills camera so the quality isn't amazing but it was an experience i won't forget in a hurry.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Barrel times

The day is here
The surf is clean and clear
The wind is right
It's time to take a bite

The mission begins
Prepping boards, boats and other things that float
No need to paddle you get dropped right in the channel

You sit there waiting, anticipating
Knowing that one of these beautiful waves might accept you
They've travelled for hundreds of miles to meet and greet you
Treat it with respect do what you can but never be try to be the bigger man

You see the horizon change
You feel blissful and strange
You know this one is for you
You smile and feel the sun on your face
You know your about to be in a godlike place

You paddle to meet it and all at once you are together
The drop was good the line feels right
Your heart is pumping the lip is throwing
You concentrate on your line your body aching

The shade sets in
The light changes
Your mind races with possibilities
You bend your knees and try not to freeze
Keep lose hold your line read the wave
Watch how it behaves

The end is near
Now you feel the fear

How should you handle this
Do you turn tail and bail
Punch on through knowing thats it for you
Do you grow a spine and hold your line
Hoping you will emerge and shine

A thousand and one decisions come and go in the blink of an eye
But somehow you know what to do
You know you must try

The light descends
The shade is pulled back
The explosion from behind engulfs your surfed out mind
How nice it is to feel entwined with something so divine

Written by Lloyd Burnard