Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Scene Thru A Lens

Ever since I was able to hold a camera i've always had an interest in Photography and have always been keen to explore the different levels at which you can take it. A few years ago I set up my own Company, not with the intention to make money or to be famous, i did it because i wanted to share my visions with everyone, i sold my work with minimal profit because i always felt that art is over priced (it is in Cornwall anyway) and that art shouldn't be for just those who can afford it, it should be shared and enjoyed by all. Anyway, here's a few pieces that were and still are very popular. I'm sorry they have Watermarks on them but i have sold these pieces and out of respect to past clients felt it appropriate.

I had this printed onto canvass at large scales (A0+) and it looks awesome, my Mums favourite.

Golden Daze
Another image that looked outstanding printed to large canvass, one of my favourites

Fox Glove
Taken on an Autumn Sunset on top of Tregonning Hill, near my home in Cornwall.

Rinsey Tin Mine
Cornish Tin Mines have always intrigued me. I spent most of my Childhood listening to stories about the legacy of Tin Mines, sadly most are now lost but some have been preserved like this one just round the corner from my home.