Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Spotlight and Me

Well the nice people at the BBC liked my little film on Dolphins so much they wanted to use it on their primetime slot on BBC Southwest Spotlight. Well ever the one to crave attention I heartily agreed.

They asked if I could get to Newquay Airport and record a little voice over piece for them. I went, it rained, I got wet but it was worth it. Mothers some proud!

Lloyd Burnard, BBC Southwest Spotlight

Friday, 15 July 2011

Good Morning...

It's 0654am, I'm asleep, happy in the World of nod when I hear this noise, it sounds like my Mum shouting at me 'LLOYD LLOYD'. I stir but I just think i'm having a nightmare but it creeps in a second time, this time I awake to hear it load and clear 'LLOYD GET UP!'.

I stumble out of my room and Mums screaming 'There's Dolphins hundreds of them, quick get out there!'

With blurry eyes I look out the window straight into a mass of happy go lucky Dolphins, without saying a word I barge past my Mum and Dad and straight to the garage, my camera is clipped and housed within 2 minutes and my wetsuit is on and zipped within 3. Within 6 minutes i'm sprinting full pelt, kayak in tow, down to the beach.

Once there I paddle as fast as my little arms can manage the whole time keeping an eye on the pod of what looks like 30 or 40 Dolphins just playing around. I skim the outside of the pod just letting them work me out and then all of a sudden they're everywhere all around me going nuts and i'm in the middle laughing my tits off!

What a way to start the day!

In between paddling and laughing here's some of what I caught, thanks for waking me up Mum.

The outtakes from Black Beauty!

Some behind the scenes action from Black Beauty.