Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A day at the Beach with Mickey

I had a good day helping Mickey out with some photos last week.

It mainly involved him shooting me acting like a Seal and the fool, both of which are hobbies of mine, so you can imagine I had good day. That coupled with the fact I haven't seen Mickey for almost eighteen Months. I literally smiled continuously for a good 12 hours!

Cheers for a good day Pard.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

My mate Alana

Ok, i've just had an amazing catch up with my good mate Alana. She has just informed me that she has created a relationship on you tube with someone called Alex.

Now this sounds ok, but when she informed me that she created a video for him, i just had to see it! Watch this, one hot crazy girl pretending to be on a first date with a man she's never met, if only all hot girls were so bold!

I love you Alana you crazy bitch!


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Kernow King!

For years I have believed that I am in a way, the King of Kernow.

I have circumnavigated Cornwall in the pursuit of fame, femme fatales and fans to build my Kingdom, which i believe one day will free Plymouth from the tyranny of the English and extend my Kingdom across the Tamar! But alas I have been mistaken! For today I met the true King of Kernow, Mr Edward Rowe!

The Kernow King is nothing short of a nice Cornish man, he smiles when he's meant to and laughs sometimes when he's not, he enjoys all things Cornwall, open spaces and girls from Camborne. He even brought up the topic of Dogging, which is something that greatly intrigues me and he was even nice enough to invite me round to his favourite spot to check out the local talent!

The Kernow King has shot to fame recently after winning a string of prizes for creating his own tourist video for Cornwall, in his haste to create something hilarious and fun he inadvertently created a mythical being that has won the hearts and minds of eight to eighty year olds the County over and one I am spell bound by!

We of course met in a suitable location, that being Slut Headquarters in Helston for our quick like minded bedazzling conversation on ideas for the future and everything Kernow and after awhile I felt happy that, if only for short period, Mr. Rowe can succeed my throne. Here's hoping that before I leave the Motherland of Kernow I can carry out some like minded adventures with the King.

Here's a little taste of The Kernow Kings talents and my personal favourite, get on Kernow King!

You can view more of his musings on his youtube page here.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Flora Day, Helston Saturday May 7th 2011

Where i'm from once a Year a nice town called Helston goes flipping nuts!

It's called Flora Day and has been a tradition for centuries, well no one really knows but it is a very long time. The reason for Flora Day is to celebrate the coming of Spring and of new life.

To celebrate this there are five dances through the town. Starting with the 7 o'clock  Morning Dance, followed by The Hal an Tow at 0830, the Childrens Dance at 1000, then the Midday Dance followed by the final dance of the day the 5 o'clock Evening Dance.

I was fortunate enough to be educated at a Primary School in Helston which means I am a part of a privileged few that have danced the Childrens Dance on a few occasions.

That was years ago, twenty to be exact! So when I had the idea to dance this year, I was a little dubious to say the least as to whether I would be accepted. You see you can't just rock up and dance on Flora Day, you have to write in to the appropriate person and they decide whether you are Helston enough to dance and as this is such a privilege out of education i.e, other than the Children's Dance, it is pretty hard to be accepted.

Thankfully myself, Stephanie Goldsworthy, Scott Whitfield and my Sister Elly were all excepted to dance the Morning and Evening dance. A real privilege and one we were all proud to be part of.

The one highlight that sticks out for me is as the evening dance was coming to it's end we turned onto the bottom of Wendron Street. You could see the open line for the band and the dancers and on either side there were thousands of people screaming, clapping, hanging off of lampposts, out of windows waving flags and just going absolutely nuts for us.

I was overwhelmed by the turn out and the atmosphere and just how amazing the town looked and as we danced our final steps into the Corn Exchange the band banged out they're last beats for this years celebrations and the crowd reached it's crescendo the noise became unbelievable and one I will never forget. Once inside the Corn Exchange the traditional Flora Day Thunder was rang out with all of us dancers stamping our feet and shouting as load as we could.

Being a lover of attention seeking i never wanted that last 30 minutes to end, it i was certainly something i will never forget and something i hope to do again, with the right permissions of course.

Coming up Wendron Street toward the Corn Exchange
for the last leg of the evening dance
Being a bit flamboyant isn't really allowed but i really
couldn't help myself, the excitement got the better of me

Dancing with Steph on the wet but still exciting morning

Having a well earned pint with from left to right Scott,
Steph, our dance leader, Fionn, myself, Elly and Sean

Dancing in the morning dance at the top of Meneage Street,
still a bit wet but still just as excited

Throwing some moves with my lovely Sister, Elly in the
evening dance

This is the Morning Dance, it was raining but i don't think any of us cared!