Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Some other bits so far...

A couple more shots for you to laugh at!

Ponda Rose Mk II, well this is it, this is where i reside with my mate Anthony, my share car is the black beauty at the front, Charlotte, doesn't she look hot from behind!

New uniform!

Frank, your friend and mine! He tried to hump a little girl after this, very amusing, made me chuckle!

Big meat & only £5! Ian pay attention, this is a Rump steak, imagine the cost of that where you are!

Exmouth - WA!

Right i've been up in the NWA for a few weeks and all is good, i've had some problems with camera batteries and with my Mac which is no surprise! So i apologise for no recent updates.

I've sorted myself out pretty well, got a house with a cool house mate called Anthony from Perth he's only 18 so i've taken him under my wing and destroyed him on several occasions! I'm also sharing a car with a new mate Ray, he looks like a young Arny, but doesn't like to hear that, we've named her Charlotte, she's a beauty, she's got a blown exhaust so she sounds mean as fook!

I have also succumb to the ways of the job! No not blow jobs in the public toilets or hand jobs in the park, i'm to upper class for that, i instead got a job as a fruit and vegetable stacker at an IGA ( a small supermarket), so not much has changed, i'm still hanging out with vegetables and playing the fruit!

All in all I'm loving this place, it's 30 - 40 degrees everyday and the sea is alive with marine life and so clear it's hard to believe it's not all fake. I've had some ace snorkel adventures and a couple of run ins with sharks, but they were only Black Tips. The surf has yet to materilise as it is still early in the season, but i have had a couple of fun ones, myself, Dan and Little Scott surfed a break called the Bombie the other day, a nice left hander a good 20 minute paddle from this point, apparently there is a Tiger Shark with the gurf of a mini out there, all i saw was Little Scott freak out every time the sea moved, very funny!

I've also been blessed with the presence of Sean, Clare and Ben and Jenn from back home, it's been ace having them all here, Ben and Jen are still around and we have had some good adventures, some drunk, all funny.

Anyway, i got up to see my first Exmouth sunrise the other morning and this is what i came across, enjoy.