Thursday, 27 May 2010


A beautiful and bright light has left us, Cherry Smith was a good friend of mine, a fellow party animal in her time but more importantly a beautiful mum, partner, daughter, sister and friend. I will miss you Cherry as will everyone who ever met you. Take it easy my dear. x

This is for you...

Her love goes to you all
Travelling for miles upon miles
Across dunes of sand and seas of green
Over Mountains and upon the wind

She will live forever
In our hearts and in our minds
She is the very soul of the World

In the crisp early dew you will see her shine on through
On the sounds of breaking waves you will hear her speaking to you
In the dark you will feel her love
On the rays of Sun you will feel her warmth

Rest easy my friend
We will never let your love end


Written by Lloyd Burnard

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Whats on then...

Well it's been pretty hectic up here with not much time to spend on the old lappy updating this and keeping in touch with you lot, sorry about that, but it's pretty hard to think about anything when it's 35+ degrees and everything is so inviting!

Over the last couple of weeks i have, drunk to much, passed out on two occasions, been abused on both (fair play), been promoted to Supervisor at work and have found love! Yes love, i'm not kidding, she is called Charlie she is from Exmouth and has one hell of a history! She has survived the worst Cyclone Exmouth has ever seen and was once rolled over by a load of local lads! But she is a hearty beast and won't be put down, the good thing is I only paid $400 for her!

Charlie is of course a car, but not a normal car she is a 1977 Daihatsu Scat 4x4 and she rocks! I've had a couple of adventures already, myself, Dan, Kim and Kath (two lovely Danish girls that have been staying at mine, i know i'm so generous) traversed the peninsula the other day, we traveled from the West side over the the East, a route I discovered later that night that no one does as it's the hardest and most dangerous route, typical Dan and Monga, pick the hardest way and still manage to battle on through. Well little Charlie was awesome, other than getting stuck once she battled all the way over, it was so much fun I had a sore jaw from laughing and smiling to much! There are some photos below and i'll get a video up later of me messing around in her just down the road.

What else has been happening, i've had some good surfs, we've scored Yardie Creek on a couple of occasions at 4-6ft, it's a sucky left hander that either barrels your tits off or pummels you into the reef, which did happen to me on a couple of occasions, not so clever when there are hundreds of Hammer Head sharks swimming around you whilst bleeding from your knees and feet and your over 1km from the mainland, but it was still a lot of fun and i can't wait to get back there. I also scored the local break, Dunes the other day on a Cyclone swell, it was the best surf yet by far, a solid 6ft with bigger sets and no one in, Dan wasn't lying when he said that not many people surf out here when it's big, i couldn't believe it, i even had an audience of over 30 people watching, very strange! Luckily i was surfing well and didn't make a fool of myself!

Anyway i have a couple of updates to sort out over the next few days so keep your eyes posted, until then there is a few below this one to wet your appetite. Take it easy. xxx

4x4 fun in the soft sand!

Just messing about where all the dirt bikers come to mess about down the road, thought i would give it a go!

Sunrise with Scotty

I got up early the other morning with Little Scotty to catch the sunrise and check the surf, although the surf was flat it was definitely worth getting up for!

The Bombie!

This is one of the closets waves to where I live. It's called The Bombie and apparently holds swell up to 30ft, that would be interesting to see. I've surfed a couple of times at a similar size to these photos. You have to paddle from the point to get to it, which takes about 20 minutes and that channel you can see is shark alley!

A local guy was attacked there last year, he was ok in the end but whilst paddling out there all sorts of scenarios are playing through your mind, you've just gotta put your head down and crack on, it's either that or give up surfing, and thats not likely!