Sunday, 15 August 2010

Pot Shot Hotel, Exmouth, WA 6707

Exmouth is indeed a town blessed with a bounty of crazy locals and travellers a like. Most Fridays are pretty packed out with tour buses of younglings travelling up through, all of which want to let their hair down and get loose creating a haze of drunken naughtiness and random drunken adventures and if you play your cards right a good old knees up at the 'bimbo bar'.

But Saturdays and other random week nights are more of a locals thing. Last night was a typical example, with the call being spread around town that a band was to play at the Pot Shot Hotel every soul in town who likes to smash it up and dance the night away with fellow wreck heads was on it! The Bottle Shops were raided, the bars stocked ready and the girls dressed to impress, the blokes, well they were just drunk and ready to stalk the girls!

I had to work till 9, but was straight on it after and by the time i rocked up the pub was in full swing and the band rocking out. I've had many a good night at the Potty but i felt that i was missing out on some golden photo opportunities so with my camera in hand i set to make amends, here's the results...

Highlights were...

o A bit of Ray, Dan and Lloyd time, not sexual
o Hanging out with Jim, slightly sexual
o Catching up with everyone to see if anything had changed since i last saw them, which would have been 24 hours ago on the Friday night
o Mark and Adam, i swear Mark was wearing lipstick
o Hearing the best compliment ever... 'your my favourite retard'
o Hanging out with Lauren and being her phone carer for the night and also busting some serious dance moves
o Said dance moves being complimented on by a new found friend 'You two are a beautiful couple and would look great on Dancing with the Stars' I'm not sure if he knew it but neither of us are famous
o Sticky floors, slippy floors, sweaty walls and a strange set list from the so called DJ/CD
o Finny, Levi and the boys alls mashed right up
o Mitch biting my ear, that really hurt but i kinda liked it
o Watching everyone in the bar go mental when INXS came on, unreal

Here's to more nights like that.

I think i'm going to have trouble leaving this Town!