Monday, 11 October 2010

Long Lashes Liam

Long Lashes Liam
Was a boy of Fourteen
Very straight and very lean
But not all was well and not all could be seen

His lashes were long and his head was bald
For Liam was different but not at all mauled
His eyes so blue, so telling and true

He would try to eat food but would end up in a fowl mood
Every meal would feel like a test before the clean up of all that mess
With Burgers and Bananas caught in his lashes
It was a wonder why he never wore safety glasses

His Mother would cry
'Oh, Long Lashes Liam why are you so different. You were born with lashes as long as a cows, we just don't why and we just don't know how!'

Long Lashes Liam would reply
'But Mother is there nothing we can do, no Doctor, no Surgeon you could take me to?'

For all the Doctors in the land had been and seen our young lad
All had left bemused and feeling rather sad
Nothing could be done for Long Lashes Liam
No operation, surgery and no one else to see him
He was left alone with his own feelings

Then one day when enough was enough
Liam grabbed them by their scruff and pulled and pulled till his eyes felt rough
He pulled so hard hair began sprouting on his head
A miracle it was they all said
He pulled so hard his eye brows sprouted
A sight he nearly doubted

He pulled some more till the length of his lashes
Became nothing more than small little dashes

Now Long Lashes Liam is no longer
His lashes normal, his head of hair, his bushy brows they are all there
No need to look no need to stare
For Liam is normal no longer with his flair of rare hair

Written by Lloyd Burnard

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