Saturday, 4 September 2010

Moons got crabs!

After our little peep show with the Turtles, previous post, we found a whole dead sand crab that looked in good condition on the beach. Katy picked it up and was intrigued by it, in the similar way a dog is intrigued by a sand covered tennis ball. She was staring at it with a blank expression on her face tilting her head from side to side, it was as if she was trying to decide what to do with it, i could only imagine the possibilities running through her mind.

But before she could decide on her own, Dan who must have also noticed the conundrum Katy had found herself in blurted out 'Put it in your mouth!'. Suddenly it was as if someone had turned on the light, Katy now realised that that was exactly what she was meant to do with it and after a few moments of figuring out how, she went for it, it took her a few attempts to work out whether or not to put it in bum first or claws first. All of these mind grabbing moments and not once did she think 'Why would I put that in my mouth?'.

Once it was firmly grasped between her lips, like that drooling happy dog grinning at fitting the whole sand covered ball in its mouth she looked elated for a few seconds happy with her achievement. I think it was then that Katy realised what she was doing and promptly spat it, i still can't believe the simple nature of that fair child Katy Moon, definitely one of my highlights for that day, thank you.