Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Mongalloyd, you God among men, you may STAY!

Well, i was slightly surprised when i was accepted by the Commonwealth of Australia for my first years working holiday visa, now i'm absolutely flabbergasted that they have only gone and extended it, thats right i've been accepted to stay for another year!

I can see it now the same men in high powered suits that accepted my first years visa sat hundreds of miles away in front of a huge executive conference table discussing the days goings on with their Superior, when out of nowhere runs in a lonesome, but slightly handsome office clerk, called Gregory (the same one who was delighted at my first application), screaming at the top of his voice,

"He's applied, he's applied Sir, Sir he's applied!"

To which his superior states
"My, my Gregory, who do you mean!"

Barely able to control himself Gregory replies at fast pace and in a slightly high pitched squeal,

"Mongalloyd Sir, Mongalloyd wants to stay Sir, in Australia Sir, by the tuff of a Kangaroos ball sack Sir, on my shift, he applies for an extension, an extension on my shift! I can't wait to tell my Wife Sir, she's a huge fan! She's followed him religiously since he set up his Blog, he's had such amazing adventures Sir!"

"Calm yourself Gregory, yes, yes I too have been following his Blog he is surely a God among Men. If this is true, Gregory then I want you to approve his application straight away, don't fanny about now Gregory we can't have him getting upset and thinking we don't care about him!"

Gregory nodding enthusiastically turns to leave before his superior shouts,

"Oh Gregory, don't forget to make sure that you've deleted Monga's discrepancies from his record, will you, we wouldn't want some low life Customs Officer or Police Officer thinking they're in charge of the great Monga's destiny, we want him to stay and feel welcome and comfortable here, if he says one bad thing about us it could be the downfall of our society!"

At this last statement and as Gregory shuts the door, all the Men around the table nod, chin down eyes up, with a mixture of fear and excitement etched on their faces showing they understand what could happen and all trying to contemplate the possibilities should they meet Mongalloyd in the flesh.

Here I am Oz, can you handle another 18 Months of it?

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