Thursday, 28 January 2010

rabies and me

Well as per usual i've only made it harder for myself! I was planning to be leaving for Indonesia around the 8th/10th February then heading on to meet Dog Shit Dan in Perth around the 11th March. But after having a chat with the Nurse at my Doctors Surgery she's advised me that if I do go Indo, even if not in Feb then at some point it would be advisable to have a Rabies Vaccination, the problem being you need three doses over 21 days!

I would normally not bother with it but I really don't know where I'm going to end up over the next year or so. So i've made the decision to be prepared because after all if anything is to go wrong it is bound to go wrong with me involved! I would suspect at some point whilst on a high after a good surf session or just a nice day, i'll get carried away and drink myself into some kind of Monkey Wrestling Mania and end up with Rabies after a good raping from a big asse Monkey!

Better to be safe than sorry, i suppose. Don't worry I'm still heading to West Oz in March and no doubt I'll end up filling February with some random craziness before I go!

Indo unfortunately will have to wait till April or May.