Friday, 22 January 2010

ozzy visa

I've been told that to get an Australian Works Visa can be a load of hassle and it could take weeks to process, well not if your name is Mongalloyd!

Within 5 hours of applying I got a confirmation email to say that I have been accepted and all I have to do is rock up and carry on. It's almost like the Australian powers to be have had my name down from day one on the fast track system.

I can see it now men in high powered suits sat thousands of miles away in front of a huge executive conference table discussing the days goings on with their Superior, when out of nowhere runs in a lonesome, but slightly handsome office clerk, called Gregory, screaming at the top of his voice,

"He's applied, he's applied Sir, Sir he's applied!"

To which his superior states
"My, my Gregory, who do you mean!"

Barely able to control himself Gregory replies at fast pace and in a slightly high pitched squeal,

"Mongalloyd Sir, Mongalloyd is coming Sir, to Australia Sir, by the tuff of a Kangaroos beard, on my shift, he applies, on my shift! I can't wait to tell my Wife Sir, she's a huge fan!"

"Calm yourself Gregory, if this is true then I want you to fast track his application straight away!"

Gregory turns to leave before his superior shouts,

"Oh Gregory, don't forget to delete Monga's discrepancies from his record, will you, we wouldn't want some low life Customs Officer thinking he's in charge of the great Monga's destiny."

Here I come Oz, are you ready?