Thursday, 24 February 2011

So what have you been up to recently?

I have an apology, I haven't updated Mongamouth for a long time my last post being on the 6th December. But wait, don't be mad, i have excuses and some good ones...

I was drunk
I was working
I was driving
I was adventuring
I was surfing
I was chilling out with friends
I was, just plain and simple busy enjoying and living life

The last couple of months have been an insane progressive and fast pace compliment of movement and mayhem!

I left Exmouth in early January when after about two weeks of 45-50 degree heat and 80% humidity i'd had enough. As my good friend from home, Jonno Waite, was in Exmouth as well we loaded up the Poo Log and turned tail and bailed after saying our goodbyes to some amazing people and within a few hours of making the decision we were on the road.

We had no timetable other than meeting a couple more Kernow wingmen and a winglady in Perth, namely my Brother Louis, his lovely Girlfriend Abby and our surrogate brother Flea, we had no plans other than that, we just hit the road, slept when we were tired and ate when we were hungry. Our first stop was Kalbarri as it's reasonably cheap place to stop although a little out of the way we figured as it was Saturday night we should stop and see what the folks of Kalbarri were up to as it turned out they were having the local Firemans ball, obviously invite only but as Jonno and i are cheeky chappies we blagged our way in and had a good old laugh.

We carried on and stopped at some amazing locations on the way down, the one thing i love about North WA is that when your driving the Highway if you get a bit fed up you can pull over and with some serious off roading involved you can find the most beautiful spots to chill for a day or two, no hassle and no one around as long as you have a 4x4 your laughing.

We meet Louis, Abby and Flea in Perth and among other things enjoyed Margaret River and some of the secret surf spots down there, found interesting new spots and places to camp, hangout and just loved living life on the road. We also ran into some friends from Cornwall in Margs which turned into an amazing few days of fun and adventures.

We smashed up Big Day Out in Perth with myself and Flea causing some interesting reactions to crowd surfing over the top of thousands of people to Iggy Pop and Rammstein, the later being the most impressive live band i have ever seen, truly awe inspiring i felt sorry for the band that had to come on after that all mighty performance!

After Big Day Out and after a good Month or so cruising about the boys went their separate ways, Flea to Indo with Dan and Katy, Louis and Abs to the East coast and Jonno to somewhere in the middle of nowhere, i decided to follow Flea, Dan and Katy to Indo for a bit, more of that another time.

All in all, the last couple of Months after leaving Exmouth have been interesting with some of it pushing me to my limits. I've been so broke that a $1 feed isn't possible without the help of friends and other peoples good nature helping me through, i've driven thousands of Kilometres tired beyond my wits end, i've creased surf boards, damaged myself, nearly pierced my chest with my surfboard, crashed mopeds, passed out, fallen in sewers, lost money, been chased by sharks, hassled for everything i own and slept in random airports sharing the floor space with rats and good friends.

But they're mostly negative, some fun and most funny, I've also endeared sitting on deserted beaches surrounded by good friends, surfing my brains out, honed my off roading skills on some serious terrain, laughed with friends at nearly piercing my chest with the macho quote 'The average person would paddle in!', seen some of Earths most beautiful locations with my Brother, ran down sand dunes, fallen down dunes, walked on tropical islands, farmed coconuts, driven some of the most amazing beach locations WA has to offer with the boys on the roof laughing till they cry, shared some amazing times some drunk most actually but most just when your in your element with people you love and i've learned to be a little more patient with life.

I hope these excuses can justify my absence from Mongamouth and my guarantee that it was all done for you, my avid fans. I will be updating you all soon with some amazing stories, photos and videos from the last couple of Months, just bare with me.

Remember, getting out of your comfort zone is the only way to truly feel free, get out there and get some!

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