Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Brooker & Helen

We've just left Margaret River where some good times were had. We managed to hunt down some good friends from home, Brook and Helen, who are staying there for a couple of Months as the Cornish Winters scare the crap out of em' both!

It was nice to catch up and do the cool camping thing where we all cook for each other and hang out and act like 13 year old kids all over again. Brooke is by far one of the keenest men i have ever met, no matter what it is he is in there, bar drinking and break dancing, he leaves that to me.

Brookes keenness can be tiring though as on such an occasion when he was adamant that we should go looking for these limpet things to eat, the swell had just kicked in and was pretty solid but this didn't deter Brooke, with everyone else bailing on him he turned to me with his puppy dog eyes and i instantly gave in. Although we were only in ankle to 3 ft of water the amount of water moving around coupled with the swell made it almost impossible to stay in the same place let alone dive down and pry off one of these ugly limpet things, i had already decided that those things were going no where near my mouth! After 20 minutes of being rolled, beaten and dragged this way and that by the swell and the rip whilst holding a very sharp knife, i gave up, Brooke came in with me but not because he had given up, he wanted to try and recruit someone, anyone to get in there with him and battle the swell for some minging morsel of food, needless to say, no one was keen, poor Brooke looked very down hearted that no one wanted to play with him and we made our way back to the cars.

Here's to you Brooke and Helen, thanks for not being mad when i woke you up at 3 in the morning to get the last few bottles of beer out of your fridge, oh yeh and for taking your campsite gate key so you couldn't go anywhere the next morning, these things happen when you have a friend like me, i'll make it up to you some how in the future. x