Tuesday, 2 February 2010


whilst in Ireland last year for a week or so I had the pleasure of meeting a nice man called Anthony Walsh, a pretty damn good surfer and all round nice guy from Oz. Unfortunately for him whilst he was out in Ireland he was stuck hanging out with me as Mickey and Ferg were busy sorting bits and bobs out as they had only just got back from Tahiti and a few other places. We cruised around and checked out the Ire for what it is and it was very romantic and nice with nice walks on the cliffs and hanging with mates.

The point to this is I just wanted to say a hearty congrats to Walshy for coming second in the Volcom Pipeline Pro. Well done me old bean.

Click on day 4 and then on the finals below. He also had a screaming semi final with some pretty impressive shacks, which is also worth a look.