Sunday, 7 February 2010

oz bound!

i've been getting some right stick over the last few weeks from the boys, all of which feel that my ideas of journeying around the globe to Australia and other countries was all talk and that seeing as I hadn't purchased a ticket i was merely going through a mid -life crises in which i would crawl back to my old employees and beg for my job back once i realised i was a Kernow bound fool and a life of pasty's, cold windy surf and girls who believe unequivocally that they are the hottest girl to walk the face of the Earth was for me . Well, stick this in your pipe and smoke it me boys!

My tickets are booked and paid for. I fly out of the UK on the 8th March to meet up with Dan Waite in Perth and to began what I can only imagine to be a whirlwind of stupid antics, copious amounts of alcohol, silly decisions and some very funny situations that may not seem so funny at the time. Bring it on!!!

Also i know this is very geeky and i don't really care as i love flying, but my flight form Heathrow to Singapore is on the new AirBus A380, if you don't know what that is, it's the biggest commercial plane ever built. I'm well bloody excited, i'm going to take a pair of trainers so i can go for a jog up and down the isle's, just to freak people out. I might even try to play hide and seek with the air stewardesses, but i doubt they will like that.