Thursday, 15 December 2011

Peacock Dreams

I've recently just moved up the line for reasons i won't bore you with. But i've been very lucky in that i now reside in a nice house out in the Country to rest up in.

I moved in on a Saturday with the help of Simon and Alex and after a frantic night of unpacking and sorting we awoke to a beautiful crisp Sunday morning surrounded by rolling green fields and ancient trees and two bloody great Peacocks in the garden. They were so tame that they came right up to door and stood there watching us gawp at them, they even let Simon tease them with some nibbles.

Whilst feeding them myself and Simon were wondering and debating whether Peacocks could actually fly. Our questions and ponders were answered almost immediately by the neighbours dog bolting through the garden chasing them all over the shop and when the Peacocks had had enough they upped and flew away!

They's some funny looking birds up ere in the Country!

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