Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Kernow King!

For years I have believed that I am in a way, the King of Kernow.

I have circumnavigated Cornwall in the pursuit of fame, femme fatales and fans to build my Kingdom, which i believe one day will free Plymouth from the tyranny of the English and extend my Kingdom across the Tamar! But alas I have been mistaken! For today I met the true King of Kernow, Mr Edward Rowe!

The Kernow King is nothing short of a nice Cornish man, he smiles when he's meant to and laughs sometimes when he's not, he enjoys all things Cornwall, open spaces and girls from Camborne. He even brought up the topic of Dogging, which is something that greatly intrigues me and he was even nice enough to invite me round to his favourite spot to check out the local talent!

The Kernow King has shot to fame recently after winning a string of prizes for creating his own tourist video for Cornwall, in his haste to create something hilarious and fun he inadvertently created a mythical being that has won the hearts and minds of eight to eighty year olds the County over and one I am spell bound by!

We of course met in a suitable location, that being Slut Headquarters in Helston for our quick like minded bedazzling conversation on ideas for the future and everything Kernow and after awhile I felt happy that, if only for short period, Mr. Rowe can succeed my throne. Here's hoping that before I leave the Motherland of Kernow I can carry out some like minded adventures with the King.

Here's a little taste of The Kernow Kings talents and my personal favourite, get on Kernow King!

You can view more of his musings on his youtube page here.

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