Thursday, 21 April 2011

Kernow adventures

There are a few things i have missed about Cornwall, one being the randomness of home!

The last week and a half has seen some of the best run of North coast swell i've seen for years, this resulted in myself, Rohan and Little Andy spending many hours driving around and surfing some of the best spots.

Whilst heading to a secluded spot we drove past a pile of toys on the side of the road, Rohan slammed on the brakes and what we found was some unwanted toys going for 20 pence a piece, bargain!

Cornwall is most definitely one unique place!

20 pence, what a bargain!

Our selection!

Rohan got a nice book about a little girl who
discovers Karma

Andy got a nice guitar! What a beauty, the guitar as well!

I treated myself to a Mickey Mouse keyring and a pack of
Super Heroe top trumps! Look how excited I am!

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