Thursday, 24 March 2011

Musing on adventures had and contemplating ones to come

Yes i've been musing, again, over some of the amazing things i have seen and done over the last year and how I got to making that decision to leave my well paid job, the company car, my  house, my home and the security of Family and Friends and constant money coming in just for the sake of adventure.

Leaving that all behind was not an easy decision some of those are the things I cherish more than anything. In fact i'd go as far as to say that it was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made.

But I made it and I know now that that decision was one of those decisions that has been the making of me.

I've had a nice day today with my Cousin Gemma, we are close having grown up together as best friends and like Brother and Sister we always used to hang out. We reminisced of our adventures as children and how we grew up in those times together when it always seemed sunny and neither of us could remember a day when it was raining. She now has a beautiful daughter Amelia who is her light and driving force in life and i am so proud of the strong Women she has become.

Gemma asked me the question in a roundabout way as to when I was likely to grow up, to which i stated, 'I have, I now know what I want and I want to be happy'.

She laughed and quoted me with what used to be my favourite saying as a young cocky teenager, 'I'm the real Peter Pan, I'm going to stay young forever!'.

As she was leaving I gave her my new mobile number and, much to my amusement, she created a contact under the name 'Peter Pan'.

I know that sometimes life can seem like an endless struggle and somethings can sometimes seem like they are taking control, just remember it is your life, those situations you think may be controlling you are only controlled by you.

Here's a couple of my videos for you to look at. I hope that at some point in the last year and in the future this blog has made and will continue to make you think and has more than anything put a smile on your face, because a Peter Pan who can't make you smile and seek adventure is more like a grumpy Captain Hook!

Catching some Rays

Whale Fish

When Whales meet

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