Wednesday, 3 November 2010

My friend Laura Newbury...

My mate Laura is, although she would never admit it, a very talented lady with pretty much everything she does. She has a talent that is missed by most in that she can see beauty at every turn and has made it her ambition to document it for all those non-believers.

Her blog site is an amazing category of enlightening stories and beautiful images and videos.

She spent some time in Australia last year and i'm looking forward to catching up with her when she is out here next year. She is flying in to the East coast at some point but i'm going to get her and drag her to WA as soon as possible and show her some proper Ozzy weirdness!

You can see some of her talented ramblings at rainbowsendinwishingwells but for a taste this is her most recent scribe on life.

chronicles of nowhereabouts. from laura newbury on Vimeo.

Here's to you LN and thanks for being my favourite FB chat mate. xxx

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